You can tell the story of your sleep apnea journey here

You’ve been hearing about the AWAKE Sleep Apnea initiative on June 8 in the Washington DC area- but what exactly is this event and why should I participate or complete the survey?

Join our webinar on May 8th to learn more about AWAKE Sleep Apnea and hear about this education and empowerment initiative that includes several opportunities for sleep apnea patients, family members, and caregivers to help inform researchers, regulators, and life science companies about what it’s like to live with sleep apnea.

Join the webinar (video & audio):

Can’t make it on May 8? All of our webinars are recorded for you to view anytime
at our webinar series page.

Email for more information.

Hi Mother T.

Have been looking at your availability to tell your story of your sleep apnea journey here on the site, well I am an English guy who now lives in Ireland and am not very good on using my laptop to navigate around video/audio etc.
so can I ask if there is a page on your site that is best suited to tell of my journey?

I’m new here as well. I was told i have Sleep Apnea im trying to learn about this condition.

Thank you very much for the announcement mother T.

I missed the webinar in May so much has been going on. My struggle with trying to stay informed about Sleep Apnea and deal with other ailments that are associated. I guess I will catch up and get back to my self again. I find myself tired during the day. If I lay down it’s a wrap. I have been experiencing cramps in my left leg. This begin a 2:30a about 3 weeks ago. I got a real bad Charlie horse from midway my back all the way down my leg to my feet. I was hopping for 2 weeks. I was just able to walk Monday a week ago. I can stand on that leg longer then 10 minutes. Leg muscle gets weak I’m running to sit down real quick. The doctor gave me a shot they did a Nerve Conduction test, when I went back Tuesday for my follow-up I was better still hurting somewhat! I found out a have a pinched up nerve from L4-5. Which explains why my toes feel numbish. Like I don’t have enough going on.
I ended up having to get the CPAP pillow after my struggle with the mask that came with it. I now have a different mask that’s smaller that seem to be better.
Meanwhile I’m experiencing life other struggles as well. Right now this is not much of a picnic. We make the best of it.

Hi Kathreen, So sorry you’re having struggles. Hang in there!!! Thinking of you!