Would anyone like me to post the recording of tonight's webinar in case you missed it?


Too late for me! Mother T, you are the great one,and you hav helped me in many ways, THANK YOU.

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Ohhh @RWilson - You are very sweet to say so, but it is me that receives on this— You all just give me so much joy knowing you are getting the right kind of sleep and driving alert on the roadways. It’s my “thing” and I LOVE patients. All these years now out of the sleep lab, I get to work with patients again. All is right in my world.

I am going to post you a recording of the webinar as soon as its available.

Be well,

Here is the recording from the live video last night.

ASAA / Fisher & Paykel Webinar 9/28/2017 from American Sleep Apnea Association on Vimeo.

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Thanks, Mother T.!!

I’ll check this out.

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Thank you so much for your continued contribution to this community and thank you for your postings; It is great appreciated and I have vowed to make a better effort to make a personal contribution to the quest for relevant and helpful information regarding dealing with this condition that plagues so many that have yet to diagnosed by others.