Worried about attempt at CPAP - Round 2

My first attempt to use a CPAP was in the late 90’s and with the CPAP technology at that time, my personal experience made me feel like I was trying to go to sleep with a leaf blower in my mouth. I struggled with the air pressure and the full face mask. I then tried the nose pillows only to realize I was more of a mouth breather. I gave up on the whole thing after about 6 months of frustration.

Go forward 20’ish years and I am now trying this again. After complaining to my doctor about fatigue, being out of breath constantly, and often having to sleep sitting up to feel like I get enough air, he decided to run the full gamut of tests. I was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy which explained all of the previously mentioned issues. In addition, I requested a sleep study as I know my apnea has only gotten worse. I completed the sleep study last week which included sleeping half the night using a CPAP and the mask that fits only over the nose. WOW, technology has changed so much. Adjusting to the CPAP wasn’t nearly as difficult as trying to adjust to breathing through my nose.

The dilemma I face is now upon me. I go soon to get my CPAP and mask and am so afraid that I will not be able to adjust to either and blow this off again. With my heart issues, it is imperative that I get my apnea under control as having it only puts more stress on a weakened heart. The full mask seems to make the most sense as I am a mouth breather and struggle to get air at night as it is. Changing too much along with the other health issues makes it all seem monumental. But then the bulkiness of the full mask also concerns me as I am afraid I won’t get used to.

Looking for any suggestions or life experiences. I definitely don’t want to fail at the CPAP this second time Yes, I quite possibly have more concerns than I actually should…but I know my health and increased life expectancy rides quite a bit on this being successful.

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Tell your doctor that you would like to try different kinds of mask. I thought that I was a mouth breather, but I have no issues using a ResMed AirFit N20 mask. I did even try a full face mask, but the results weren’t as good. I also use the ResMed MyAir App to track my mask leaks and events. The trial masks can be used for several weeks each.

Spray lavender oil on. Pillows. And. Near. Not on. Mask. If ya sleep. Ya apneas. Go down. Try tablespoon. Honey before bed. Levels out. Liver. Etc. So ya sleep🙏

I went through 35 or so mask’s, ended with Inspire2 sleep implant, i now sleep after 18 years of struggle.

I, too, am on my second round of CPap attempt, but with 4 years between. After a TIA and learning that at some point I had a silent stroke I thought I’d better get serious. I am a mouth breather and am currently using the Amara View. It seems the best so far. The difference between sleep docs and the company who supplies the masks etc has made a big difference. I think being more assertive and changing providers/suppliers can make a big difference. Good luck!

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A lot of sleep apnea patients find they don’t breath thru their mouths once they’re on CPAP. Also, keep trying. I found my mask on the floor a few mornings before I got used to it and that stopped. I also second the motion of trying different masks. When you try them on, lie down and see how it feels that way, too. My first mask was also horrible; it felt ok as long as I was sitting up!

Let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

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If it matters, I’m going to give this another try myself!! But my issue is not being able to fall asleep with the CPAP masks on my face! I must admit the most recent mask I got has the best seal and is so quiet. I just lay there not being able to fall asleep.

Needless to say, you are not alone at giving this another try for better quality of life!!

Hi GottaBeBetter.

It has been awhile since your original post and I’m wondering how you’re doing. Please post and let us know? We want to help you get there, or congratulate you for being successful at the second go!

Take care.