Woken up on the defense during REM

Hi all,

Trying to understand what happened: I spent the night on the couch of my former home (former roommate let me spend the night). Her new roommate walked into the house at 3AM while I was in the middle of a dream…I’m not sure what happened next, but in my dream, I was defending my home from someone who broke in. When I woke up, I was standing in front of the door to stop an “intruder,” i.e. the new housemate.

Was this a form of sleep walking? Something similar to what military personnel experience when they have to be “on duty” immediately in case of an emergency? Also, not sure if I woke up on my own or if she coached me back awake as she tried to figure out who I was. My question: what happened in terms of sleep and consciousness? Curious about the science and to know if I was sleep walking to “defend” myself.

Dream analysis is conducted by Jungian psychotherapists for their meaning in a patient’s psychological health.

Dream interpretation isn’t necessarily straightforward and rarely is conducted on the basis of one dream by itself. Rather, a series of dreams is analyzed over time for recognizable patterns that can reveal clues about the subconscious.

I hope this helps.