Wisp Nasal Mask

Those of you that have not tried the Wisp Nasal Mask System by Respironics it will be something to consider, I have tried at least 6 or 7 masks until I came across this one which I am very happy to have chosen with little maintenance up keep I wake-up with no nasal or facial bruises I am a happy camper !

You got me curious and so I visited the Philips website to take a peek

It’s very small and might be a great choice for someone with a short nose! Less is best always works for me.

thanks for sharing your happy camper experience

Thank you for the information

The Wisp cushion comes in small medium and large, so it should fit any length of nose. I use a Wisp mask and really like it. I do not have a short nose.

Carol, awesome, I am glad it works for you. Half the battle is finding the best mask for our individual faces!

Tried the Wisp for the first 2 weeks into my CPAP therapy. (Began 3/28/2016)
Was pretty good. No issues.
Then I traded it in for the DreamWare mask and have been using that for 2 weeks.
I like it a lot and expect to stay with it.

We all have to find what works best for us, it’s a trial and error thing. Glad you found your favorite so quickly!