Will bipap help me sleep longer?

hi last night was my 1st night with my bipap, my pressures are 11 and 14 but last night was not good, i put my mask on and i thought i was ready to go to sleep, but after turning off the tv and all the lights, i was just lying there wide awake, even after i hit my ramp button still could not sleep did not take any pill to help me sleep, but i never fell asleep, it was about 6 am i layed down and went to sleep for maybe 2 hours i took my mask of about 3 time last night, i will try again tonight, i really need to sleep!

Hello! Pretty normal if you’re a new user. Let’s consider the fact all the years you have been sleeping with nothing like this on your face then PAP therapy come along. It is quite normal to go through difficulties the first few nights the first few weeks. Eventually, as you continue to wear this (which is the key) you will get desensitized and the feel of the mask and the air pressure will become natural therefore sleeping longer can be achieved. If your settings are set correctly based on your sleep study, and if you use the machine properly all night long (minimal leak, etc.) then not only you will sleep longer, but you will feel better and more energy the next day. There are other variables that can affect success use of PAP therapy. Based on your concern, it’s pretty normal and please continue to keep it on. Thank you. :wink:

thank you i will keep trying

I remember being distracted by the slight machine noise and focused on my mask and the machine pressure. I felt I had to wait to breath with the machine.
I learned how to change my focus and fall in to the natural rhythm of breathing. It took some practice, but in time I got the hang of it.

Welldun1 - So how are you doing now?