What is sleep "health"?


Insufficient sleep, Irregular sleep schedules, and poor quality sleep are associated with many health risks. If I sleep long enough to ‘feel’ awake… does that mean that I am getting enough sleep and that the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease is lower? Does being awake equal sleep “healthy”? Or is there more to it?

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The basic premise is that sleep should be seen as a healthy behavior just like exercise and diet (nutrition) as the basic building blocks of a healthy lifestyle. At this point we know that chronic sleep loss increases your chances for certain medical conditions including cancer, diabetes, obesity, hypertension. Short term sleep loss has also been shown to affect memory, driving, daytime performance. We know more about what the consequences of sleep loss does rather than what the benefits of good sleep does in the way of prevention. That is one of the goals of our SleepHealth Mobile App Study. To compare good sleepers and poor sleepers and look at the health outcomes for both. In short, sleephealth means making a third of ours lives a priority and practicing good sleep habits that promote both quality and quantity.