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Hi All

I wanted to throw out the question to the group if they have been able to figure out how much CBD a person can take to be safe and help get relief?? I came across this article and it helped answer a few questions I had regarding the use of CBD with sleep apnea patients, but still wondering about dosage. A friend suggested trying CBD to help me cope with my chronic pain and my difficulty falling asleep. It has helped me be able to fall asleep, but not relieving the pain. Any insight would be appreciated! Sleep well my friends!

I always advocate that you discuss things with your doctor. If you can’t talk it over with your physician you have the wrong Doctor.

I tried CBD oil for chronic pain. I was taking 25 drops at a time twice per day. It didn’t do anything except empty my pocketbook. I don’t have trouble sleeping, in fact I sleep so well I quit breathing in my sleep, which got me entry Ito this group.

CBD may work for some people, but not for me.