What else can I try? Apnea & Health Getting Worse!

My husband’s health is getting worse and worse. He was diagnosed with mild Sleep apnea several years ago. We have tried surgeries, oral appliances, diet, supplements, CPAP, gone to multiple ENTS and Sleep doctors and yet my husband still has difficulty sleeping every night, he snores and struggles to breathe. He wakes up with his heart hurting most mornings and sometimes experiences chest pain during the day. He is experiencing difficulty with his diet and losing weight. He is experiencing difficulty with urinating and having to go more frequently through the night. He recently was told he has a 1st degree AV block in his heart and his cholesterol is high. He has been trying myofunctional therapy with some results but the biggest hurdle is that he constantly feels he can’t breathe through one side of his nose (even after two nose surgeries). Every ENT he goes to says his nose looks fine, but he still can’t breathe through it at night and ends up mouth breathing. If he is able to get sleep he wakes up early and often with his heart hurting, his nose fully congested and is unable to fall back asleep. He feels like he is losing his mind and is having so much difficulty trying to make diet changes and practice his myofunctional therapy because he is exhausted and so stressed out from not sleeping. He has researched so much over the years and is so tired of trying to figure it out. I am looking for information on the following:

Can you relate to this experience - especially the issues with the nose? If so what have you tried and what has worked? Do you have a Doctor you could recommend (we are willing to travel)?
Has anyone had success with an anti-inflammatory and heart healthy diet reducing apnea and particularly nose congestion?
Anyone have experience or success with myofunctional therapy?
We have tried multiple times but CPAP has not worked for my husband (we’ve tried a variety or masks and pressures) Mouth pieces have also been unsuccessful and the Doctors have told us that his last apnea test was so mild they don’t even think he needs another one (but I think he does). Yet my husband is fading away and miserable. Any recommendations or just plain encouragement you can give us?
Anyone have experience with bladder and/or prostate issues occurring with apnea?
How can I best support him?? Cooking a healthy diet for him?
Any experts you can recommend for me to discuss his case with?

We really need help, thank you in advance!

It would be reasonable to look at the data from his machine regarding his apnea - specifically events and mask seal. I was urinating 5-6 times a night (sometimes hour on the hour) despite undergoing a robotic prostatectomy for prostate cancer in November 2015. I was a chronic snorer and eventually developed significant daytime sleepiness/frequent sleep episodes and significant weight gain. Almost had a car accident x 2 when I dozed off. Sleep study in March 2018 revealed > 65 episodes an hour. Started CPAP 3/27/18 with a Resmed Airsense 10 with nasal pillows. I have not snored since and at the most I will get up once during the night to urinate - many nights I don’t wale up at all. No more daytime sleepiness, apparently I am more alert and I have more energy. Has your husband recently seen a sleep specialist. Did he try nasal pillows??

It’s possible that he has an enlarged prostate causing his urinary disorder. Does he urinate frequently during the day??

I have no firsthand knowledge, but many people from all over the world who do not get help from their local doctors seek help at the Edgar Cayce Research Center and Hospital/Wellness Facility in Virginia Beach, VA. MDs, but with a different perspective on treating patients. Easy to find online. Good luck.

Did you get your legal to obtain detailed copy of the sleep study? If so you should post a redacted for privacy copy. There’s lots more to consider about apnea than obstructive apnea. There are central apnea events and hypopnea as well for example. Most doctors stop looking after they see obstructive apnea, missing these other events. You may find a misdiagnosis and are on the wrong machine.

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