What CPAP machines do sleep apnea. Irg use?

Hello, I was just curious if they used a particular type of CPAP. I know there won’t be a humidifier if I get one though them, but I was curious if I could add one at some point.

A humidifier is part of my machine…I can control the number on my device!

I find having the humidifier to be very beneficial.

I don’t have the money to out rite but one, and my insurance doesn’t cover it, so I need to go through the program, but they don’t give out ones with humidifiers, which is why I was curious if I could but one separately

If you get any ResMed AirCurve or AirSense 10 Series of machines, they have a built-in humidifier. Otherwise, cpap.com and others that a Google search can point you to that sell some humidifiers for CPAP.

If you get a Respironics DreamStation, it’s a separate component.