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Stop by and introduce yourself. Share and learn with others.

A big welcome to our friends living with Narcolepsy! If you also have sleep apnea, which was diagnosed first?
Has CPAP use improved your daytime sleepiness or otherwise improved living with Narcolepsy?

Looking forward to hearing back from you…

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My name is Rachel, also known as Sleepy American. Having Narcolepsy w/ Cataplexy and Fibromyalgia, I advocate for all persons with Invisible Disabilities. It’s most important to have a fellow veteran like myself, to guide and support the newly diagnosed person. This is the time Narcolepsy Newbies feel most vulnerable. Over a decade of youtube Awareness, Educational, Advocacy, and Personal Accounts on YouTube and Facebook, I strive to bring ‘America’s Forgotten’ (Persons with invisible disabilities) to light.

All society knows is that Narcolepsy is just a blissful nap land. Somebody killed himself , several Homeless, many thought jokes, lazy nobodies on drugs!

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