Weird Question about CPAP assembly during Covid

I need a new CPAP machine; here’s the problem. I’m very allergic to the disinfectant that everyone is spraying even in manufacturing facilities thanks to COVID. In fact I bought a new mattress recently and had to return it because the manufacturer sprayed this disinfectant in the assembly area. This chemical causes muscle aches and breathing problems.

So I’m wondering if anyone knows CPAP companies that do or don’t spray this stuff in their facility?

This is not about ozone. The class of chemicals here are ammonium chlorides. Included in this are quaternary ammonium solutions and benzalkonium chlorides (which is what’s used in Lysol sprays and wipes). Personally I don’t know why anyone uses these because the EPA has done toxicity reports on them and found them to be the worst, yet for some reason DPH keeps recommending them.

I called DeVilbiss and was told they don’t use them but the tone of voice and way it was worded made me wonder if this is the case. Does anyone have any insights or knowledge about this?

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Not a weird question - I look forward to someone with knowledge of the topic to reply. Following…

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I don’t know much about this but it seems to me that wiping out your machine with warm soapy water on a cloth and then again with clear warm water should do the trick.

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No that won’t work. The chemical is almost impossible to unstick completely. Avoidance is the best option.

You might try running it to air out.

I haven’t bought it yet. Avoidance is the goal so I want to see if anyone knows about this. Thanks though.