Weight Loss Surgery

I had the open RnY gastric bypass procedure in 2003. It was successful and without complications.
The decision was difficult but the goal was to rid the weight and resolve type 2 diabetes. That was also successful. While I did not see any benefit in reducing my sleep apnea with the 100 pound weight loss, I am very pleased with the results.

Insurance covered my procedure 12 years ago. I am curious to know in todays world, what kind of weight loss surgery is being recommended. Does insurance still cover as medical necessity? Is there still a strict policy for acceptance: psychological evaluation, nutritional education and counseling, and of course the complete physical with a focus on the heart. Is sleep apnea screening mandatory?

Please share your story if you have had weight loss surgery and how it worked for you!

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I am in process of getting approved my last insurance didn’t cover at all, current insurer requires 6 months supervised dieting, psych evaluation, dietician appointments, testing and final approval. I’m going for less invasive gastric sleeve. Dr said banding Isn’t even done anymore and the other suggested was bypass…which requires to much in supplements to me.

Can you share more about gastric sleeve procedure? I am not as familiar with that, it must be relatively new.

I suppose all patients are different, but after my gastric bypass my daily supplements were and still are:
Double dose chewable multi vitamin,
B-12 shots for about a year, then switched to b -12 sublingual (dissolves under the tongue)

13 years later, my labs continue to come back normal

So are you now going through dieting, psych eval etc? Do you have sleep apnea dx or ruled out?
Happy Holidays Joanna

I did all of the testing and psych evaluation in November, now just finishing the supervised diets in February.I do have obstructive sleep apnea and have been on cpap for 5years. Recently lost 49 pounds and hanging trouble sleeping, come to find out it may be due to weight loss and may be switching to bipap setting. Hoping for surgery in March.

Congrats on the 49 pound weight loss. Wow, good for you!
Have your machine settings been changed yet? I hope that helps your sleep issues.
Do you feel the pressure is too high…overwhelming? Are you moving from CPAP to Bilevel or just changing Bilevel pressure?