Wake up after 2-3 hours on CPAP and cannot fall back to sleep

I have been using my CPAP machine since late March. I have gone thorough the a period of taking off the mask and turning off the machine during the night but not recalling why later in the morning. Now I wake up after 2 -3 hours and cannot fall back to sleep. I tried taking the mask off and putting it back on for a good fit but that does not help. Since I am very tired at the point I end up taking the mask off and going to sleep without it. This ends up causing my number of 4 hour + days of use going down which can have an affect with insurance. Any suggestions will be welcomed.

@schwerz You might find a solution in taking a step back and trying to desensitize yourself to the mask. When a person begins wearing PAP, a process called desensitization is beneficial. The concept is that it may help to practice wearing just the PAP mask for short periods of time while you’re awake, for example, while watching TV.

Then try wearing the mask and hose with the air pressure on-- still during the daytime, while you’re awake.

Once you become accustomed to how that feels, shift to using the PAP device every time you sleep — at night and during naps.

Inconsistently wearing the PAP device may delay getting used to it. Stick with it for several weeks or more to see if the mask and pressure settings you have will work for you.

This below is something you can do as well- extremely effective…try this, please. It is a go-to method for a positive approach to wearing PAP and putting it on in the beginning of the night. Understanding that the pressure is filling the back of your throat as an invisible split…or even a balloon… helps to ease tension about putting the mask on. Let’s try this “chill out” exercise right now!

I had to go through several masks before I got the right one. Also I had the 3rd in hospital sleep lab. The pressure had to be adjusted differently. Also they found out that I have both Obstructive and Central Sleep Apnea. Just keep using it. I put mine one when I go to bed, even if I am reading. That will help with your hours for insurance purposes. Just don’t give up!

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I have had the same problem with mine. I would take it off during the night and not recall doing that. Now I sleep with it but only for about four to six hours. I struggle to get a good night’s sleep with the mask on. Without it I have no problems sleeping eight to ten hours. I wish I could give you some advice after using my CPAP for over two years, but I am sorry to report that I have no such advice.