Using CPAP without recording

I want to experiment with a full face mask - will likely need to take on and off multiple times. I use a ResMed Airsense 10 and the MyAir app. Taking the mask on and off multiple times with result in increased leak rates and point deductions for times mask removed. Is there a way to operate the machine without it recording data ? I don’t know if it will run without the memory card.

The CPAP will run with or without the SD card. It will record detailed data with the SD, and summary data only without the SD. MyAir gets the data via the cellular connection.

I personally find MyAir not much more useful than a cheerleader. Ra ra. I need more usable data.

I use a program called OSCAR that my friends at Apnea Board created from open source code that ran SleepyHead. It’s free so search and consider trying it if your machine is compatible.

Those MyAir scores really aren’t worth the worry to be honest. If you need to disconnect, just do it.

Thanks for your comment.

You’re welcome. Best wishes on success.