Using CPAP with a cold

I recently was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea (AHI 51). I’m into my second week of using the CPAP and have contracted a cold. Is it a good idea to use the CPAP? I have to constantly remove my nasal pillow mask to blow or wipe my nose.

As we discussed earlier, Current CPAP machines come with heated humidifiers that combat dryness of the nose and airways.

These humidifiers are adjustable so that you can experiment with the settings to find the perfect humidification settings for your needs.

If you have a PAP with a humidifier already, and still experience chronic dryness, you may want to consider an over-the-counter nasal saline spray to use before bedtime, or ask your primary care provider for a prescription nasal steroid spray.

Also, make sure to check your mask fit. Humidified air could be leaking and that can dry out your nose.

For nasal pillows, using a water-based lubricant may make it easier on your nose and may help you achieve a better seal.


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For dry mouth while using PAP, NEVER put candy or breath mints in your mouth! The candy could get lodged in your throat.

If your mouth is dry and you do not have a heated humidifier attached to your PAP, you may want to contact your physician to get one.

For mouth breathing while wearing PAP, a chin support or strap (available online or at your DME) is a simple solution. They come in many fabrics and styles.

If a chin strap is not working out for you, you may want to change to a full face mask.

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…Oops. I must be half asleep yet…Gave the wrong answer initially.