Unresolved Sleep Problem

Hello, I am 43 male and been suffering of sleep deprivation for so many years. I’ve went to several doctors and was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea, and tried all possible treatments, but nothing improved my sleep. Other doctors tried to treat me for anxiety but the medications made my case much worse; tried so many different medications all proved useless, but even harmful. In addition, I tried all possible supplements that can improve sleep. One doctor recommended brain MRI and the result came out totally normal. I am still suffering mainly from sleep maintenance problem; in the best nights I don’t sleep more than 4 hours.


Hi Samer. There is so much going on with you there, it is hard to know what to offer, so I am thinking that one of the docs we have on here as members would be the best option. I just didn’t want you to think no one is reading it or we are ignoring you. But if the docs have done that much, and there is still no answer, that is really hard. Do you know if you have Restless Leg Syndrome? That is where your limbs start feeling like you need to move around and it can prevent you from sleeping. If that is coupled with PLM - Periodic Limb Movement, that can wake you up once you do start sleeping. I have the RLS, but my doctor is treating it with a blood pressure medication called Clonidine. This is obviously a one-off use, but it does work really well. I wish you the earliest possible success in getting this resolved…

I suggest a big, big dose of physical exercise if you aren’t doing that. Preferably late afternoon, but you might try different times. Also, basically no alcohol. Maybe a drink with lunch on your birthday. Enjoy calm evenings, maybe yoga or a meditative stroll through a calm park. Have you tried these suggestions?

I’m so sorry to hear of your troubles. I do think that you should keep working with your physician and wish you a speedy resolution. Good luck!