Treating Sleep Apnea with just Mouth Appliance and Back Exercises

I have had pretty bad sleep apnea for about 5 years. When it got to the point that a Mouth Appliance, would no longer give me a good night’s sleep, I did not want to just progress onto CPAP. So I experimented with different techniques. Eventually I figured out that the key to treating my sleep apnea was a specific type of back exercise (done at night time).

I have been successfully using this treatment for 3 years and have now decided to write the treatment/therapy up on my website:

The treatment works really well for me. My breathing is good all night and through the day, I do not suffer from any tiredness due to sleep apnea. However I have no idea how applicable it would be to other people’s sleep apnea.

Please note that I am not a health professional. This is just something I have figured out with lots of experimentation with my own sleep. Hopefully this can help others.

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I am not clear how to do the back exercise can u explain. Better?? Wanna tey

I found this to be incredibly useful information, pulling. Thank you for writing it up in such helpful detail.

~ Nona

BTW, your name was transformed from “pbklink” to “pulling” in my appreciative post above.

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Good for you. Working that out was great. Being proactive about health is the defining step to better health. I have to say when I first developed sleep apnea I was a very active and athletic person and it dragged me down anyway. I know a guy that is also an athlete and he has to use the pap too. So I’m guessing that people need to keep their physician in the loop and if the numbers don’t work out using certain exercises only then get with that PAP.

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