Travel problem

Other than go home now, i would sure appreciate any suggestions you all have for this: forgot the cord to the bipap at home.

Perhaps if you phone a DME in the area you are visiting, you can purchase or rent one there.

Thanks for this suggestion. We have learned that all are closed until Monday. Maybe this will be the first and last time we forget. Wouldn’t it be great if the makers were to sell supplies like cords at a national pharmacy chain that is open 24/7

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What a great suggestion, @Kmc Perhaps you as a consumer could send a note to some of these national pharmacies. What are some pharmacy names that come to our forum visitors’ minds, please?

Hi Kmc, I can’t help you with your problem on this trip, but I can make a recommendation such that this might never happen again. I’ve had OSA for 20+ years, and more than once I found myself out of town without a critical component of my CPAP system, typically I might forget one of my tubes. Didn’t happen often, but big problem when it did. For 2+ years now, I have been using a new system to deal with OSA, called Inspire. Inspire is an implant that requires only that you keep up with the remote control that turns it on and off. No more CPAP with all of its issues. My OSA qualified me for Inspire, and my life is dramatically improved. I can’t guarantee that your OSA would qualify you, but I do encourage you to look into it. Good luck!

I decided to purchase duplicates of power cords, hoses, masks, etc. One set stays near my bed. The other remains in a permanent travel kit bag. This has helped me reduce nasty surprises while I travel.

I’m travelling Monday morning across country for a conference. I have to confess the extra hassles of packing and travelling with CPAP are not something I look forward to.


So true, @jsaltenb . You are wise to have the extra set of ancillary pieces!!

Have a safe trip!!

:slight_smile: MotherT

Thank you John. This is good advice!

Sounds like the implant is a good option for you all. I expect we would still manage to travel without the remote control much like we traveled without the power cord. The implant is not an option for us.

Anyone who travels frequently should at least consider getting an oral sleep apnea appliance. They are just two little trays that fit into the mouth and are completely portable and unobtrusive in use. Even if they prove to be a bit less effective than your regular CPAP, they could very well be acceptable for travel use. Arthur B. Luisi, Jr.,D.M.D.