Trach vs bipap

After suffering for years with OSA+CSA, obstructive and central apneas and PLMD I had a trach. On ASV+oxygen and klonopin for centrals I felt ok but never had great energy or sharp clarity and focus.
I had 2 strokes and was off oxygen for a few months and only on ASV and my amara broke. I became weak and bedridden with no energy/motivation and had bad aphasia, words sounded like a blur, I couldn’t focus.

I’ve been on an 8mm shiley with klonopin for centrals for 2 months and I think I felt better on the ASV+oxygen. I feel dependent on oxygen now and I’m so weak on the unfenestrated trach that I can’t talk or type.
I’ve suffered so much with aphasia and being handicapped. I saw an old photo of myself and I could see that my oxygenation was much better


I think that I have Central apnea. I have not been tested for it. I don’t know a lot about Apneas, and don’t even know the terms. I have been on a c-pap for many years, and now a Bi-pap.
I really wish someone would tell me what a “central” feels like.
I wake with a very startled , abrupt , almost electrical shock. Then my feet, and legs start shaking. I can barely stand or walk.
Is this anything like you experience ?
Thanks so much !

@Jan , Hi. I will let the patient participants here speak to the experiences they may have had similar to yours. As to the terminology of apnea and the like, I am posting this article link that I hope explains some of the terms. Good luck and please keep in touch here :slight_smile:

Here is an article that covers many sleep apnea related terms:

Thanks, Mother T !! That is a very well done piece of information !