Tired from my mask being blown off

I don’t know what leaves me more tired.Using my cpap machine or not using my cpap machine.
After my “ramp” time is over and the machine starts giving me the prescribed amount of pressure, my mask either gets blown off or blows my mask seal. Either way it wakes me up after 50 to 60 min. of sleep. I sit up turn off the machine. Go into the bathroom and rinse my mouth with Biotene then start all over again. And this happens for the rest of the night! After 5 or 6 hrs. of this I’m wore out,tired and fatigued and will sleep for 2 or 3 hrs. Then wake up exhausted with my mask leaking or down around my chin. My old style machine did not do this to me. Yes I may have had more episodes with the old machine. But I wasn’t so tired when I woke up either. I’ve explained this to my therapist and Sleep Dr. so the ordered another sleep study. That went terrible. When the Dr. got the results she said we need to turn your pressure up. WHAT! it’s the high pressure that’s causing my mask to be blown off.
So I guess there is no answer. Because with this machine It shows my ahi down and me sleeping 8 or more hrs. And all appears to be good to them.
No answers here!

U can buy liners. To put over mask. Ya gotta have tight fit. I wear ear plugs to try not hear little leaks. Get mask leak less 24. Nitely. Install my air. App by res med. it helps​:pray::pray::pray::flashlight:

Firstly, I am highly sympathetic to your problem, having suffered through the same situation a number of times over the decade long period of suffering with this condition. I hope my suggestions will be useful. First, I would suggest a change in a mask; if you have not done so yet, you may find that through trial and error that relief can be had. Admittedly, as I have aged, going to the bathroom in the middle of the night is the bane of my existence. I would then suggest that you forego the initial phase and learn to get comfortable with the air at its suggested volume from the get-go as your body will get used to it fairly quickly after some reasonable adjustment period. By allowing it to build, you are lulled into a false sense of security, only to be disturbed by what is really needed. I really hope this helps you as I have had to deal with numerous issues since diagnosis with this condition and just recently found this community to learn of the tales of fellow sufferers!

You just have to keep working to either find a mask that works or try a liner to see if that helps. Good luck to you in finding a way to be able to sleep so that you can get the rest you need.

I’ve been struggling with the same issues for 2 years. Go to cpapseal.com and watch the video. The product is a gel-like material that really does the job. I can tighten my mask way down or use a wide elastic strap with velcro t really secure tightly to my face. The thickness of the gel liner spreads the force out and really cushions it. The good news is that my mask no longer leaks! The only other adjustment I made was to move the humidification level from 5 to 4 because a small amount of water was condensing in the mask at 5.

What. Type of machine is blowing mask off yer face? G

That gel sounds very interesting. Anything that would allow you a better seal would go a long way towards helping you to feel comfortable. And that does count. The mask liners are a Godsend when it comes to leaks. The liners are reusable, by the way. Just toss them into a lingerie bag, zip it up and wash along with your other whites and dry them in the dryer on low. They cost just under a dollar per night if you don’t reuse them. Anything that will give you more “bang for the buck” is great.

The good news here is…your health team is saying that your therapy is not being compromised. In other words, your machine is compensating for the leaks and your AHI is staying under 5 per hour. That’s why everything appears to be good to them.

You can get access to your own data and follow your own nightly AHI and other data. It’s really pretty interesting. Just get the application “Sleepyhead” (for free online), an SD data card and an SD card reader. Make sure the little lever on the side of your SD card is in the up, “unlocked” position when you insert it into your machine. Take it out of your machine in the morning, slide the little lever into the down, “locked” position, insert the card into your SD card reader and then into your computer. Voila! You have data.

Hope this helps you. Take care.

Air curve 10 asv by Resmed

I bought some liners and they are helping out tremendously. My mask leak is a little high but my AHI is reasonable. And my mask is not being blown off. I also turned off my ramp time and that is working fine for me.
Thanks for the info., Jim

U can make liners. For masks cut holes in face cloths. Wash regularly. Save $. W full face mask. Holds better. Better. A heads up. G💡