The Right Strain To Sleep

Hi, I just want to ask if someone has any idea on which marijuana strain would be very effective when it comes with anxiety attacks and sleep disorder?
I’ve been suffering for almost 2 months now and mostly can’t sleep properly at night. I refrain my self on taking meds coz it seems doesn’t work for me. So I started reading some alternative way for my problem and came across this article about blueberry marijuana strain on how it can relax you and help you sleep easily. And I also found out that you can also make drinks or tea and even muffin/cake as an option aside from smoking it. Why they can’t just simply make a pill out of marijuana if they say it could really be some of help? Or maybe there are that I’m not aware of. If this is true I would gladly want to hear any of your experience and thoughts regarding this. Thanks in advance

@Stewbug I have not heard of this but I wonder if you are in a state where the shops are legal, that you couldn’t call the shop and ask them? I would think if they sell the products they know the recommended usage.

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Hi @Stewbug

I live in WA state, and have visited the local dispensary. A couple of things to think about:

  • Your impulse to avoid smoking mj and use an edible version is good. Smoking itself aggravates the respiratory system and creates more problems than solutions for sleep and for overall good health.

  • There aren’t mj pills that I’m aware of, but I do know of tinctures that are packaged specifically to assist with falling asleep. Usually you just add drops of the tincture to tea or water.

  • Keep in mind, there are strains of mj that are stimulating as well as strains of mj that are relaxing. Your dispensary (if you can access one) is the best place to ask about the differences, depending upon the products they carry. I have found the people at our local dispensary to be quite knowledgeable about this.

However, the research on the effectiveness of mj to help with sleep is somewhat limited. Keep in mind, using mj for sleep problems is no different than taking meds, as it’s still a drug. It has side effects that may actually do more harm than good. A few things you might not hear from the dispensary sales people, but which are clear thus far:

  1. MJ does seem to help you fall asleep, so for those who struggle with this, it is a known solution

  2. When the body metabolizes MJ as you sleep, it ultimately leads to a withdrawal effect (much the same as with consuming alcohol at bedtime). This withdrawal effect will lead to broken sleep in the middle of the night because stress hormones play a role in the body trying to rebalance its chemistry.

  3. MJ is known to reduce or eliminate REM sleep, which is not really optional for anybody who wants good overall health. REM sleep is the period of sleep when the brain deep cleans itself of waste products, when memories are consolidated, and learning is turned into memory. We need it for brain health, so using MJ to fall asleep has the potential to actually make your sleep much worse.

  4. If you have a sleep-breathing disorder, mj can definitely make it worse because it will over-relax the upper airway muscles and contribute to the further collapsing of those tissues as you sleep.

I hope this helps you and I wish you luck! --Tamara

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