The bane of my existance

What do you call do about seasonal allergies? I have such a bad runny nose, it is hard for me to use my csap. I use the pillows. Thank you!

Hi @Patricia955 - Have you tried lukewarm nasal lavage?

No, but willing to give about anything a try. I use the pillows, so it gets s bit uncomfortable. Not to mention disgusting! :grin:

Try it. It really helps some people. You can google it or go to Youtube for instructions.

Good luck!! Let me know if you get some relief

Seems a little better, I’ve had much more decent nights.

I suffered with the same for many, many years & I was not only miserable at night, but throughout the day, too. I was taking antihistamines & using eye drops for my allergy symptoms that were recommended or prescribed by my primary doctor, but to no avail. Nothing the doctors had recommended worked for me. Finally, my sleep doctor referred me to an ENT’s (Ear, Nose & Throat doctor) office to see if I had structural issues with my nose & ears (I did & he performed Day surgery to fix those), & after I recuperated from surgery & still suffered with these problems, the ENT recommended 2 things:

1st: get off the OTC antihistamines & eye drops as taking them for a long time not only becomes ineffective, as in my case, but can actually cause “rebound syndrome” where taking them actually makes the symptoms worse than they had been originally.

2nd: He was quite sure I suffered from “perennial seasonal allergies” (like pretty much every one else who lives in South Texas) & referred me to an Allergist for allergy tests & treatment. The Allergist performed a full panel of allergy testing (this is done by multiple skin pricks on the upper back & forearms & they’re not painful) in order to find out what exactly I am allergic to & something called Spirometry (lung function tests). The Allergist concluded that I indeed had chronic seasonal allergies, but I also have chronic, but mild, Asthma & they were contributing to me getting bronchitis every winter whenever I came down with the flu (which I got even though I get the flu shot every year). He was able to recommend a proper treatment plan that inhalers for the asthma, a prescription nasal spray, a different OTC antihistamine & lastly allergy shots (I get a shot in each arm - 1 for molds & 1 for pollens) that are formulated for my specific allergies. He also had me start using a nasal lavage treatment twice a day (started out using a Nasopure Nasal Washing Kit & then finally bought a Navage Nasal Irrigation System, which is quite a bit more expensive, but I think it’s much more easier to use & more effective than the Nasopure was. You can also use a Neti Pot System that is somewhat like the Nasopure Kit & for about the same price ~$15 or less). The allergy shot schedule was difficult at first because we did what’s called a “fast ramp schedule” of shots (multiple shots on multiple days of the week) because oak & cedar season were fast approaching & we wanted to avoid my getting the worst of it. Because the schedule was so intense, my allergist had me taking Prednisone (a steroid) & another prescription medication called Montelekast, & he also recommended that I take an antihistamine several hours before shots during the ramp schedule. I am now on a once/month shot schedule (no need for medications beforehand) & my days & nights are now totally allergy symptom-free. I feel the care I have gotten from the ENT & Allergist are probably some of the most valuable medical treatment I have ever received, as it’s completely obliterated any & all breathing problems & allergy symptoms, & for the first the last few winters I haven’t come down with bronchitis, whereas previous doctors just changed my prescribed antihistamines every now & then & they were not only ineffective, but they also made me extremely sleepy & uncoordinated at times. To think all these symptoms could have been cleared up years before so quickly & rather easily seems disheartening to me that my doctors never really helped me much before & never recommended or performed any of these tests & treatments & because of that I suffered in misery for many years. I hope you don’t have to suffer symptoms any longer & get help soon & that my story may help you.

My husband has chronic sinus problem with a perpetual runny nose. Our kisses get real sloppy. Nothing, it seems can be done about it. It just is what it is. He’s a great guy and I’m a happy camper, so all is well. He, also, is a CPAPPER. Please don’t change that “P” to an “R”.

Anyway, he finds that his nasal pillows actually help clear his sinus passages in a lovely way…so that he sleeps better with his CPAP than he does without. One thing for sure, his nose doesn’t run in the night. It must go the other way. He finally made his decision that he would use CPAP each night…rather than to listen to me harping on him…no…really, he uses his CPAP because he knows that he is adding some years to his life and some really quality years at that.

Daily cleaning of the pillows is a good ritual to get into. At the least, it removes the “ugh”-factor.

I wish you well in your CPAP jouney.

Seasonal allergies are due to climate changes. These factors influence your symptoms. Use of pillows can help resolve this problems. You must consult your doctor regarding the same.