Synchronizing your body's sleep "clock"

What are good methods to best re-synchronize your body’s sleep “clock?” Particularly, for those with a new work schedule or those undergoing difficult times that cause excessive thinking or worrying at night before bed. Thanks.

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Great question. Here’s a good article.

Some main things to keep in mind is to try keep a consistent bed and wake time. Limit caffeine after 3:00. Lower lights and do only relaxing actitivies, stay off devices at night. The light affects your sleep. Expose yourself to 15 minutes of sunlight as early as possible in the morning. Good luck


Thanks for the tips - will definitely give that a try!

Wow I never new that lights could interfere with your sleep pattern thanks !

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You spoke of excessive thinking and worrying at night before going to bed., sleep onset insomnia.
This is still a challenge for me. I learned that it is important to give myself one full hour of relaxation before lights out.
I use this time to get rid of the “what did I do today, what do I have to do tomorrow” thoughts. My bedroom has low watt bulbs, so no bright lights to tell my brain “WAKEFULNESS”, rather the dim lights tell my brain, “time to prepare for sleep”. During that hour, I try to simply relax and not do anything stimulating to the brain which means I put the cell phone down, stay off the computer and turn off the tv.

It was actually hard for me to learn to relax before bedtime. As a type A personality, I always feel like every minute of my life should be productive. As I was leaning this relaxation technique it felt strange and I felt guilty for sitting and relaxing! But when you fully understand the importance of sleep, of healthy sleep, it all makes sense!

Good sleep to you!

Tracy the biggest challenge that I had in my sleep therapy believe it or not was getting the right fit mask and getting used to ! The first time that I was fitted for a mask was almost a full mask, that day I was full of excitement and anticipation not knowing what the night would bring and how all this was going to work ! Anyway the evening came I put my pilot mask on lol as one of my good friends calls it , I turned the machine on for the first time all the air pressure gushed in to my nose not knowing that the machine had a ramp button, I fell asleep and woke up like a boxer getting with all bruises on the bridge of my nose , I did not know this was all part of the process I was disappointed and wanted to throw the towel in and end my therapy ! After that night I called the Reps where I had my sleep study, and they suggested to me that I should come in and get refitted for a new mask , so I did this time picking up the nasal pillow mask which I thought was the solution to my problem wrong again that night I put on the nasal pillow mask and I am telling you I hated it because too much pressure was so shooting up my nose which I was not able to breathe from one side of my nose , so I called the Reps again and they told me to come back and get fitted for a different mask so I did this time with a nasal mask called F&P Eason by Fisher & Paykek, I can tell you this is by far the best mask I have ever worn it is comfortable light on the head and the nose and very easy to maintain all you have to wash is the nose cushion and the strap portion of the mask I highly recommend this mask to ever is experiencing problems like my self and other CP Mask wearers so with all saying is this I have challenged the giant perservered through the fight and have won my challenge Sleep well !

Your post will help countless others going through this very challenge. Thanks so much for sharing!
I am so glad you stuck in there, fought the beast and won. The moral of this story is NEVER GIVE UP!

You are Welcome ! That is true never give up with CP Theraphy is a working progress sometimes you can hit it just right and sometimes it takes persistence to keep on keeping on until you find what works for you ! You know each person’s features are different especially where CP Theraphy is involved some people will experience bruises on their heads from straps, some on their noses , and so on , there is a website that I will be posting in my next thread that is dedicated to fix solutions where people get the bruises that I just mention this woman designed products that I used during my quest to find the proper fit mask and let me tell you they worked for me sleep well until my next post !

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Hello, I read you comments and I’m going to leave a few sleep tips if anybody is interested.

1.- Don’t exercise in the evening: If you do then there is a high probability that you will feel with energy due to the hormones the body produces.

2.- Keep your room cool and dark: Nobody can sleep high temperatures nor if there is light, it is scientifically proven that your body does not get rest until your light cycle is regulated

3.- Keep a schedule: Your sleep time is crucial to getting a good nights rest, if you do not have a fixed bed time then you don’t get the normal hours of sleep and this makes you moody and tired during the day.

4.- DON’T eat heavy at night: Yes, if you eat meat or some meat your chances of getting a nightmare are higher, spooky, but also since your body is digesting your food that might keep you awake and make you feel tired the next day.

If anybody else is interested in further really helpful sleeping tips here is my source.