Suspected drug-induced central sleep apnea


I have been taking for insomnia since 2010 a great number of over-the-counter supplements as well as a very low dosage of benzodiazepines (Lexotan of 1.5 mg only at night time, on and off) to induce sleep. However, I started to experience very shallow breathing and sleep apnea events, which I believe are drug-induced. My question is, if I discontinue all medications for insomnia, will my breathing and sleep apnea improve? I will greatly appreciate any advice from anyone with similar experience or knowledge on the topic. Thank you.

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Now that’s a question to ask your physician. While common sense tells me that it sounds very much like your assumption is correct neither of us are trained in the medical field and have no idea if other variables might be in play.

I have been diagnosed with central sleep apnea. I also have rem sleep behavior disorder. For me, alcohol avoidance and exercise probably help do more for me than any medication. When I say exercise, I’m not talking about a little here and there. I’m talking about lots of it, but not within 4 hours of bedtime. Melatonin made my apneas worse.

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