Strange Sleep Disorder

I’m a 58 year old man. I no longer experience restorative sleep. When sleep I can only dream and wake up over and over again not feeling refreshed. I might have 5 or 7 dreams each where wake up when dreaming. It may be 1 am or 5 am then I can’t sleep anymore. I know it’s sounds crazy. I would appreciate any feedback. Are there sleeping disorders like this. Thank you.

Hi khw845.

Just going on what you have said, a few things come to mind.

Anxiety (this will play a role on how you will sleep)
Snoring (do you snore)
Medication (what are you taking, if anything)
Your weight, if over weight you will have sleep problems.

You also say dreams, are they good dreams or repetitive dreams or even nightmares, if you keep waking during these dreams some of the above I have mentioned could be causing this.

Age is a factor here also, how long have you had these dreams, (months, years)

Do you work, or are you retired, do you get enough exercise each day?
I would suggest you go to a sleep specialist and get a check up. because if you have any of the things I have mentioned, then I can only think you may be just stressed out, and have an over active mind,or have a mild form of apnoea.

And one more thing if you are doing any research on the net, only take what you see and read with a pinch of salt, as it is only a guide, as before you need to see a specialist.

Hope this was helpful.

Dear KHW845 - please see a Physician and ask about a “sleep study” for yourself. I have had Sleep Apnea for 5 years and my first notice that something was wrong was as you put it - a loss of “restorative sleep” to an alarming degree. I went to my GP who referred me to a physician who specialized as a Chest Consultant (other types of doctors also are Apnea Specialists) - he ordered a sleep study and after two studies, I was diagnosed with a very severe case of Sleep Apnea. I now use a C-PAP machine each night and my Apnea is well under control. I still wake up several times a night and have ridiculous dreams but the danger of having a stroke or heart attack has been greatly reduced. A stroke or heart attack are very likely if one has Sleep Apnea and it does not get addressed medically with use of a C-PAP. Please check this out with a “Sleep” specialist because this could be a life-threatening situation. Good luck to you.