Spring ahead time change

OK my sleep apnea friends, how did you do with the time change?

I always have difficulty with the spring change forward no matter how hard I try to prepare for it. Bummer losing an hour sleep. My body clock awakens me every morning around 4:30-5:00 no matter what time I go to bed.

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I think it is time to do away with daylight savings. It is disruptive, causes health problems, and does not save energy, which was the original intent. (It wasn’t created for farmers, contrary to popular belief.) I have enough trouble regulating my sleep habits without having to deal with this twice a year.
Maybe the time should be reset by 30 minutes once and for all and stay that way all year round. That splits the difference between standard and daylight savings time.

For me this has been the best spring for time change. Course it helps when spring break falls the same weekend, because then I don’t have the pressure of feeling overly tired and having to be up before my body thinks it needs to be. I guess the real tell will be when I go back to work next week and have to start getting up at 5 again.


You and your students caught a break this year! Hope you enjoyed your spring break time off.