Son still tired with bipap


My son has been using a bipap since March (4 months). He has moderate obstructive apnea after T&A removal. At the sleep study to figure out settings for his machine he had central apneas too. At his last appointment in the sleep disorders clinic the doctor said she didn’t think his machine was reading his apnea right since he’s a child. His AHI was 7, there were nights that his score was at 22! The last week he has pretty much refused to wear his mask, I didn’t fight him he has autism. He seemed to wake up more refreshed and awake when he didn’t wear it. When he does wear it he gets up in the morning takes it off and goes back to sleep. Does anyone know if the machine would be wrong with its reading? And why would he be more tired after wearing his mask at bedtime?

Thank You!



Is he using a nasal, or full face mask? and what’s his pressure at?

A couple thoughts come to mind. If he’s using a nasal mask, he might be mouth breathing, which could make treatment uncomfortable. If he’s using a full face mask, it might be leaking which could also make treatment uncomfortable as well.

If he’s having central apneas, he might need to have another sleep study to have his pressure adjusted.

Also, we breathe based on the amount of carbon dioxide (C02) in our blood. Bi-level treatment helps you breathe deeper, which means you get rid of more carbon dioxide. When this happens, your brain tells you not to breathe until C02 levels go up; thus causing central apneas.

Therefore, if his pressure isn’t too high, and his mask is fitting good, he might do better on CPAP.


He has a full mask. He started with the nasal but was mouth breathing. When he switched to the full mask his AHI dropped for a few days down to 3. Then it went back up.

When he had a sleep study they tried him on a CPAP first they said it wasn’t for him. The doctor at his last appointment felt the settings on his machine were good for him 5/9. I don’t know anything about this. I was truly surprised when we were told he has sleep apnea. He doesn’t snore, he just wakes up constantly.

The machine isn’t reading any leaks. Is it still possible to have them?

Thank you for your help.


Thanks for your response.

It’s possible your son just doesn’t like the mask, either because he’s claustrophobic, or maybe not able to breathe well with the current settings.

The pressure settings themselves could be ok. However, there are ways to set the machine so that the pressure increases and decreases either faster or slower, thus making it easier to breathe.

It would be a good idea to talk with your Doctor about these things.