Something's gone wrong

I’ve been using a ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet with a humidifier & heated hose, and an AirFit P10 since February, averaging 8.5 hours per night with no issues; quickly becoming so inured to the thing that at times I’ve forgotten that I have it on. In the past few days I’ve been awakening with air hunger and deep labored respiration, compelling me to breathe through my mouth, panting until I’ve caught my breath. The past couple of nights I’ve been able to resume therapy once I’ve relaxed and my breathing has returned to normal, but tonight I awoke after only an hour and a half, and just can’t breathe through the thing; after a few minutes my respirations become progressively labored, long and deep, as if I’m trying to breathe through a coffee stirrer, and I feel like I’m suffocating.
Everything’s clean, new filter 9 days ago, 10 cm H2O as always; nothing appears to be wrong with the set.
Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

That is disconcerting. I have the same equipment, except I use a Respironics Dreamwear mask. Have you talk to your sleep doctor about it? I wonder if you possibly have an allergy to the plastic off gassing from the hose and/or mask. When I first got my Resmed equipment I noticed a very strong plastic smell. Over time I have become “nose blind” to it but still occasionally pull the mask away from my nose so I can breathe fresh air for a moment as I am going to sleep. The air just feels more stuffy with the mask on. I’m very interested to know if you find the cause.

I had a similar experience. After a couple of bouts, I went to see my primary Dr. I thought maybe I was having anxiety attacks…everything checked out ok. Called the sleep lab.The Dr. lowered my pressure. Everything cleared up. Haven’t had the same problem for months.

I too had issues with my CPAP and my OSA got worse. There is a new treatment called Inspire Sleep Therepy. I have had this new revolutionary treatment and It has eliminated my OSA. Check out This has truly been a blessing and saved my life!

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I know I go Through times throughout the year where I have to remove a rubber plug in the bottom of my Quattro mask. I go through a cycle where it feels like I don’t get enough flow through my mask so removing a plug allows for easier in and out breathing relief. When my mask feels too restrictive on my breathing the same thing happens to me. I definitely go through cycles where my breathing feels different even throughout the week. The only setback seems to be more airflow out of mask using up more water from reserve and sometimes dryness. But it does help.

Emmit, I am 18 years with diagnosed OSA, I think I have had every mask on the market. I now have Inspire2, which is a game changer for me.

A few questions, is the pollen count high, pollen can cause nasal swelling. Second question, you CPAP, did you see a sleep specialist or did a general practitioner order a sleep study then prescribe from there? A Sleep specialist may be a good next step. There are many things that cause OSA that that can be corrected.

I hope I could help, feel free to ask further questions.

I got the Rx for the sleep studies and the CPAP from my GP. I live in a rural area where there aren’t that many sleep specialists nearby who take Medicare, and I don’t travel well. I’m also trying to limit my number of co-pays; medically, it’s been an expensive year.
Despite vinegar soaks and swishing about in soapy water, apparently some sort of accretion, invisible to the naked eye, had slowly built up on the diffusers of the exhaust vents, severely restricting air flow on exhalation and building up CO2 within the frame and pillow. A good scrub with a soft toothbrush and Ivory Liquid followed by a through hot-water rinse immediately resolved the issue; good as new. It’s now part of my weekly maintenance schedule.
Thanks to everyone for their advice and support.


Emmitt, thats great news! If you have additional problems a sleep doctor may be a good direction.