Sobering news from an article about sleep


A sobering new article on the health effects of inadequate sleep from a neuroscientist, Mathew Walker.


Thank you for sharing. Important article on the importance of sleep. For those who make the “choice” to sleep short (and we have all done that!) let’s hope the word gets out, and for those who have medical issues that are disrupting sleep, let’s hope that they can find the help that they need.


A lot of young people don’t care about sleeping. In fact, it costs themselves a lot and will cause health problems in the near future.


Thank you very much for sharing this great post, yes some people out there don’t get too much sleep and this greatly affects their health, especially young people like cherry said, they just don’t appreciate sleep, it is actually really worrying.

A little bit of background about myself, my real name is Carlos but I go by Carl in forums, I was an alcohol addict but I’ve been clean for 2 years now, and it all started out with my doctor prescribing me medicine to help with my insomnia, I started to have sleeping problems when I was 16 and it gradually got worse, so bad in fact that I had to get medicine for it, in fact, I became an addict through this… fast forward a couple years later when I was about to end it all I come across the internet and some helpful sleep tips sites like the one I just linked to. (I still look for tips on sleep through the internet, I am scared my disorder will come back).

So anyways, fast forward a few years later when I came across those sites in the internet that introduced me to a special rehab resort where I was able to recover through medicinal cannabis, they used it to tread withdrawal syndrome for patients who had a serious addiction like I did. After that I started to regain my life back and thankfully I am now able to live a happy life with plenty of sleep.

That’s why I when I read posts like this I say to myself “Wow, if these people just knew my story they would appreciate sleep better”. So to all young people out there who area able to see my post, please think well before you go partying every weekend you might say “Oh this guy is just crazy” but it’s a real thing, appreciate the life you have, love yourself.