Sleeping in a sitting position


I am asking for advice on behalf of my grandmother. She is in her nineties, and needs to sleep sitting up. If she doesn’t water pools on her lungs and she is unable to breath.

She has special pillows which help her stay in a sitting position, but on the odd occasion this isn’t enough and can end up on her back. Can anyone offer advice on how to prevent her from slipping down in the bed during the night?

Any advice received will be enormously welcome

Many thanks

Hi @daved2424 - What a blessing she has in you, a caring grandchild :slight_smile: Let me ask you-- is there a headboard-foot board? Is it a hospital bed? I do have a solution if there is a foot board. Let me know, please.

Yes it has both. It is the 3ft wide version of this bed…

I would go to the lumber store and put 2"x12" boards under the headboard feet. Go from 2" to 4" to 6" in stages will accomplish a lot. A lot of people have acid reflux at night and adding a couple of inches to the head board has helped to reduce backflow. No one I know has yet to slip off either.

I am drawing you a picture of what I mean (will scan it and put it here), but essentially you are putting some (nailed together) cloth-covered/ padded boards actually in the bed. It starts where her feet end and it reaches to the foot board so it acts like a prop. If her feet are up against it, she will not slide down and will remain on her back. Easily removed when not needed too.

Is an easy chair an option?

I’m thinking along those same lines. In this case a recliner would be an excellent choice.

Recliners are expensive. If that’s not an option check out foam wedges. How about a velcro strap to keep her upright? Just thinking “not expensive” ways here.

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This seems like a good idea. I think I might give this a try. Many thanks for your suggestion.

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There are adjustable beds that raise and lower kinda like the ones in the hospital.

I think you need to provide the adjustable bed that your grandmother can control also her position.