Are you an experienced CPAP user? If so, you can help others and could get a $50 gift!!

#COVID has changed the way patient support is delivered. If you are an experienced #CPAP user, you can virtually help #sleepapnea patients in need of help with their machine or mask. Learn about AWAKE Peer Mentor Program here

Join us today, 12/8 at 3pm EST, on Facebook for LIVE chat. Learn about the journey of an experienced heart patient as he navigates his recent #sleepapnea diagnosis and #CPAP therapy. See how his lifelong heart journey takes him down the road to sleep, and what’s next. #AWAKEtogether

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This was a great talk.

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Chat with our ASAA Team Leaders on what’s next for our community in 2021. Learn about the new roadmap, The 8 Unmet Needs of Sleep Apnea Patients, developed on feed back from our patient surveys. Today at 2pm central time on FB and YouTube.

Great talk. Good to hear them really focusing on helping people with health issues.

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Tomorrow Tuesday December 22nd, COVID Vaccine Discussion.

Join our discussion with David J. Dausey, Ph.D.- Epidemiologist and Executive Vice President and Provost at Duquesne University- as we discuss #COVID updates, the vaccine and how your #sleephealth affects your immune system. #CPAP #sleepapnea

Some of the most common questions we get from you! If you are a new patient, recently had a sleep study or gotten a #CPAP machine, this is the video for you. Join us for LIVE chats on Facebook and YouTube Tuesday December 29th 2pm central time. Originally aired Oct 2020.

ASAA Speaker Series: A1C, Sleep Apnea, and Diabetes