Check out the AWAKE together Summit that was broadcasted on May 15th. Learn about the impact of confinement and Sleep Apnea plus much more important information.

AWAKE together Summit, future of Sleep Apnea Research & Advocacy in the COVID-19 Era


The AWAKEtogether Summit had so much useful information - Even watching the sediments for a second time, I got more info out of them!


AWAKE together Summit, Front Line & Essential Workers

1 Like - Webcasts: COVID-19 with Dr Craig Feied, Dr Peter Stein, Adam Amdur & gilles Frydman Webcast: Masks, Sleep Apnea & COVID-19 with Amdur, Headapohl, Frydamn & Shumard

Speaker Series - Behind the Mask, with Dr. Mark Patterson

Speaker Series - Azizi Seixas, PhD. COVID-19 and Under-Served Communities.

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Speaker Series - Mental Wellness and COVID-19 with Michael Grandner, PhD.,MTA

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Speaker Series, with Marc Ostrick & Adam Amdur.

1 Like Speaker Series - Kidney Disease & COVID-19 with Dr. Ashok Sastry.

Our panel is joined by Ashok Sastry M.D. , (Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology) as we discuss sleep apnea, its relationship to hypertension and kidney functions, and managing chronic health conditions during COVID-19.

1 Like - Facebook LIVE - April 21st, 2020 - Hypertension

1 Like Speaker Series - The Immune System & COVID-19 - Dr. Elana Oberstein

We are joined by Elana Oberstein, M.D. a board-certified internist, specializing in rheumatology. We will be discussing the COVID-19 virus and it’s impact on patients who may already be immuno-compromised.

1 Like Speaker Series Peer-Driven Care with Dr. Sairam Parthasarathy

Join Adam Amdur, Chief Patient Officer for the American Sleep Apnea Association, as he takes a deep dive with Pulmonologist Dr. Sairam Parthasarathy on the importance of peer-driven care to patients living with Sleep Apnea.

1 Like - Double Feature Presentation - Dr. Danielle Hyman PhD, Todd Swick MD

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AWAKEtogether Summit: The Role of Orexin in Sleep and Wakefulness w/ Todd Swick MD

The Role of Orexin in Sleep and Wakefulness presented by, Dr. Todd Swick MD, Senior Medical Director at Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

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Sleep - Speaker Series w/ Lung Cancer Patient & Advocate Janet Freeman-Daily

1 Like - Remembering Dr. CG

1 Like - Sleeper Series Remembering Dement and CG, with Theresa Shumard and Adam Amdur

1 Like - #ALIVEtogether - COVID FRONT LINE with Dr. Sairam Parthasaratrhy.

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