Sleep sufferer seeks lifeline

am looking for help and support with a stubborn case of sleep apnea.

I am looking for someone with a sleep story similar to mine who FINALLY got the help they needed.

Can you recommend a strategy, person or support group that might be able to throw me a lifeline?

I deally, a peer or support group that lived a story similar to mine and FOUND HELP would be a gift.

"My name is Gene.

I have been living with mild obstructive sleep apnea for a couple of years.

I have tried a CPAP machine and dental appliance with no success. I recently consulted with a doctor about surgical corrections like fixing my deviated septum or having my tonsils out.

I have not been able to successfully complete an overnight sleep study because of the discomfort associated with all of the sensory devices they attach to your body.

I have done one home test successfully. I now have a dream station machine, but its not helping.

I would love to lose weight but its a Catch 22 because I don’t have the energy to exercise.

I’m tired of doctors NOT listening to my story and just repeating the same old platitudes and instructions."

So you see what I’m dealing with.

I am writing to ask for any suggestions or resources that might exist here in the NY/NJ metropolitan area.

I thank you in advance and send my best wishes for your work.

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Hi Generoman.
I can make a few suggestions for you if you care to read on, I to now have mild sleep apnea, at first it was server, but stuck it out with the cpap machine, and had a study done again after a few weeks of being back on your machine…

Anyway I would recommend you do go back on your machine, yes it has its problems but you must NOT give up and please do that sleep study again, and put up with the discomfort as it is only for a night, you have to be calm and relaxed before this study for it to work for you, maybe ask them to give you a mild sedative to help you sleep if you cannot relax on the night.
Losing weight helps as I know only to well, for this you need the motivation which sometimes is hard to get going especially if your on your own, so you could try and do some mild walking, and get a friend or family member to go with you, maybe take a dog with you on the walks, just start with a ten minute walk and build on that, make your own goals and stick with it.
Also if your trying to cut your weight without to much exercise cut out your sugar intake completely, have more healthier choices with the foods you like, do NOT do diets as they do NOT work if you really want help with a healthier eating regime then I would talk to a sports trainer down your local gym, you will be surprised how that can help you, and change these choices every few weeks if you can, believe me it works.

The doctors not listening to your story is a big thing theses days, and your not alone with this one, they just go on the data that your cpap machine gives them, so may I suggest that you keep a log of your nightly events, like times you go to bed and wake up in the night, write down EVERYTHING you can on how your nights and even days are, tell them how tired you are, tha facts will speak for themselves, do this for a few weeks then let your doctor see them, eventually they have to take notice of it, because what you say in your log will match up with the readings on your machine if you stick with using it.

Anyway, hope this was helpful, let me know what you decide to do.

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