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This does not have much to do with diabetes but I have a similiar symptom which keeps me awake for many a night. I have periphial neuropathy;(Burning of feet, “shocks” up legs,ect.). Besides sleep apnea, any one out there happen to have a miracle cure??

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I have neuropathy, but from Chemo. Not as bad as yours I am sure. I am unable to take Lyrica etc as while they help with the pain, they left me very confused. A fellow teacher, at that time, said it did that to her mother.

I have had to turn to alternate meds. A TENS unit can help…did that a number of years. Placements of pads was on my lumbar. Did not use at night. My present means of relief is from essential oils. It has been gradual.

Originally I could only wear Crocs…their widest and 2 sizes too big. I could not wear socks at all. I started using this combination of oils and now not only can I wear socks, but a decent clog type shoe.

Helichrysum _12 drops
Black pepper_12 drops
Frankincense_10 drops
Birch_10 drops
Clove bud_2 drops

Put these in a dark colored 2oz bottle, fill the rest with a carrier oil. The bottle needs a roller ball top. Apply twice a day, add a few prayers! I was not a believer, but now I am.

Lyrica has worked well for me. I’m on a small dose, so am not suffering side effects from it. When it was just burning of my feet, I used Bio Freeze on them at bedtime. Some also say a cream with capsaicin it works, but it never did for me.

Thanks for the info, I will certainly try all three methods. Wish me luck.(By the way; what ARE the side effects of LYRICA?).

HA! HA!, Trust me, if you ever have been babtized, and have strayed, GOD will send you MANY messages before slamming the hammer down,(I am living proof). It took me quiet a while to realize where these messages came from, but when it finally went through my thick head the reality of where, and whut, my faith was re- invented. Where did you aquire this recipe,(sp.)? It does sound like a winner. Inspire me,what is a “carrier oil”? And lastly, where do you shop for this stuff? RW ps; My prayers are with you.

Lyrica and Cymbalta do give good relief for some as mentioned above. For me…my brain was in a state of confusion. Could not think.

Biofreeze is good but I did not dilute the capacin enough. The cream from the drugstore was too strong for me! :roll_eyes:

My formula is made of essential oils. Found in a US health store or a European apothecary? Carrier oil is a good grade olive oil, coconut oil etc. The place that sells the oils should have carrier oil and bottles with a roller top.
Good luck!

Periphial neuropathy is so common in Diabetes Type II. However, if you are newly diagnosed with diabetes, and have not experienced neuropathy yet, there are simple ways to try and prevent it. Most of these possible solutions are diet based, but simple enough. Happy to post if there is interest here on the forum.

What’s more, the diet tips are a pancreas charmer-- meaning you can give yours a well-needed break.

Tried and true! :slight_smile:

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Too late for me,(I think), maybe the right diet could possibly STOP the process.

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I agree, RWilson. What have your symptoms been and when was your diagnosis?

Actually, I need to check in to my local garage for a complete overhaul; I have sleep apnea with a deviated septum, peripheral neuropathy, arthritis,ect, ect,. Burning pain in my legs/ feet with minimal spasms, SHARP pain in my left leg (under smalll amount of pressure). Lastly, a very weak left leg. The MAYO CLINIC predicted nerve dammage that was non-diabetic, possibly Neuropothy.

Do you put this essential on your body, or internally?

The oils I use, I put on topically. There is one site that says you can put it in a capsule, but those are heavy duty oils and I would never ingest them. I have them in the bottle that can take a roller ball tip.

It is worth a try…good luck.

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Hello RWilson.
Firstly I just cannot believe you guys all reaching for the pain killers at the first signs of pain of any kind, using chemicals to solve the problem can cause more problems with side effects,etc.
I have had similar problems with my legs and feet during the day/night, you might try and look at the fact that you have poor circulation.

The answer to this is by using a hard ball(something like a baseball, hockey, or cricket ball) and rub the soles of your feet with it, this increases circulation and can relief pain.

Also try stretching your toes back and forward when in bed, hope this helps.

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