Sleep machine

I was just wondering if anyone has tried or uses a white noise machine to help w heir sleep


White noise works well with me, in fact, a mal tuned radio can eliminate both migraines, and inner ear noise.

I was just put on oxygen. My O2 machine makes very nice white noise.

In the sleep lab (which is a very quiet place, as you might guess), we frequently used these for patients who like a little background noise. They are really great for creating a steady sound pattern that covers over any single noises (dripping faucet, barking dog outside, refrigerator icemaker noise, etc.) that can be disruptive, especially for light sleepers. Also, if it’s warm out, using a small fan at bed’s side can approximate the same noise while keeping you cool.

I use the soundscapes channel on Xfinity Music Choice television. There is nothing to view, but the music is soft, repetitive and serene. Sometimes there are ocean sounds (really great sleep inducer) or soft flute noises. Best of all–no talking or commercials!

I use a ‘nature sounds’ type of noise machine. I have set it to crickets which I enjoy.

Nothing more calming than the sounds of nature. Crickets WOULD be so nice to hear. Thanks for sharing @jsaltenb