Sleep is the New Status Symbol

I suspect sleep deprivation effects and consequences are going to be a rising topic in medicine, psychology, and sociology. I also suspect the insurance industry will have an increasing interest as well.

Personally, as I’ve aged I’ve come to rely more and more on quality sleep to have a hope of maintaining my health. Quality sleep is getting harder and harder to obtain, though. The social and work culture we live in seems indifferent to the whole topic.

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I agree @jsaltenb. It seems like we more frequently than ever experience varied and new revolutions. Putting sleep first will take a paradigm shift in work and popular culture, among other areas. We need it so badly. Hmmm. Maybe WE should start our own "YAY! Slumber Revolution!"
What do you say? :slight_smile:

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Yes. I am doing my part to raise awareness of the importance of consistent sleep quality.

I am doing this by pointing to my own health problems that resulted from both sleep apnea as well as the fact that I had previously adopted some cavalier attitudes about sleep. I will no longer contribute to any mindset that disdains sleep quality as a luxury rather than a fundamental health need.

Thanks for posting the article, MotherT. I reposted it on social media.

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I think sharing your personal experience is far more useful and influential than simply posting stats etc, so good on you! A lot of people I know have come to their senses when it came to their sleep after their health began to take a major hit. It’s definitely their stories which arouse more curiosity and motivate others to learn more about why sleep deprivation is such a problem of epidemic proportions. Thanks for putting yourself out there!