Sleep is the competition for Netflix. Don't buy the temptation to binge!

This is your mother speaking here…Don’t binge watch your Netflix programs just because they tempt with aluring promotions. You risk poking the circadian rhythm disruption bear. This could keep you out of sync for a long time. In young people especially, these are bad habits to start. Embrace sleep and leave Hollywood for waking hours.

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You are so right. Been there done that. Thanks for the reminder.

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It’s easy to fall into that habit, I know… and this may be a much bigger cause of insomnia that people are letting on…

I have set a timer on our TV to shutdown at bedtime. The kids hate it so next time we select something that will finish in time.


They will thank you later for teaching them good sleep health while they are young, @SleepStraw :slight_smile: