“Sleep is a fundamental human need that must be respected.”

As technology advances at a rapid rate, the world is becoming more and more connected. Hyper-connectivity has opened up wonderful possibilities for business, but adversely has had some dire effects on people in business. Being able to connect with someone on the other side of the globe, by phone or email, 24 hours a day, seven days a week is a double-edged sword for many, making burnout very real.

My friend and fellow B Team leader, Arianna Huffington, is tackling this subject with her latest book, The Sleep Revolution. Arianna explains that while starting The Huffington Post, she bought into the cultural misconception that sleep deprivation is essential to achievement and success. A cycle of perpetual tiredness became her norm – until she had a wake-up call. Experiencing such severe burnout, she fainted. The message finally hit home as she hit her head:

“Sleep is a fundamental human need that must be respected.” - Arianna Huffington

Celebrity awareness and support can only help the world get a better nights sleep… Sir Richard Branson has joined Arianna Huffington in spreading the word… https://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/sleep-your-way-success

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Indeed! Quality sleep is important to function a quality life: :wink:

Could not agree more. Growing up I had a drive to achieve, and it resulted it in fairly serious insomnia. Once I understood that I would be more productive and effective with more sleep, not less sleep, my life changed. Fortunately for me this happened in sophomore year of college. I went from Bs and Cs to straight As. My brain became what I liked to call “sticky”. I remembered everything.