Sleep Disorders, Death and a Good Hamburger

Hello members. As a new member, I’m glad to be part of the educational format and learn about my apnea challenges. I am a behavioral scientist and a executive recruiter and write on topics related to psychology, leadership and wellness.

On the way to this situation, if I told you that of all the deaths that occur in America each year, one data can show that over 200,000 people die each year from causes related to sleep disorders and or deprivation. And this doesn’t even include the 40k a year that die from apnea episodes.
Yet the sleep industry, insurance companies, associations, etc., doesn’t create or share these types of unpleasant stats to the public for many reasons. The industry would rather not spoil the great hamburger with stats that are unappealing.
I do research as I can and am looking to find forums and resources so we can share the significant challenges that affect over 60 million Americans each year with sleep disorders.
If you know of any other outlets we can share these data points I’m all ears.
Russ Riendeau, PhD


I think you could spend some time with this group and hear plenty of the good, the bad and the ugly. The aggravation, frustration and, in my case, thinking it’s all about the m has NO scientific or medical explanation to make any of it make AN IOTA of sense. When your DME supplier can only refer you to the doctor and your doctor asks you what you think we should do then heaven help me if they think I am the expert and I have the answer.

thanks mary. great points. i’ll look forward to joining the tribe and address some of this to advance the learning and awareness. talk soon, russ

Hi Russ - There are two other groups I can think of, but I’m not sure if I would violate the forum rules by telling you the names. If you want to PM me I can give you the links.

Hello, Russ,

I am a master’s level RN with a passion for patient education. I work with several young physicians… And I was truly stunned by what they didn’t know about sleep apnea. I’ve been their unofficial educator on the topic, and they are now starting to order sleep studies on more patients. The link between sleep apnea and just about EVERY chronic illness out there has been shown…but there is still a lot of education to be done.

I invision a time when everyone will get a sleep study by age 30, just like a screening mammogram or colonoscopy. But it’s going to take real education to physicians to make this happen.

When I was diagnosed 3 years ago… I was a bit stunned by 2 things: first, my insurance company didn’t fight my having a study, and second, didn’t blink when I was ordered CPAP therapy FOR LIFE. That made me say “Hmmmm” and start digging into the research.

I am also a participant in the Harvard Nurses Study II. They only began asking about sleep in their surveys over the past 2-4 years.

I have lots lots anecdotes… Would be happy to talk further.



thanks, i would like to connect with these other groups if you can send me the links. a

appreciate it. russ

Thanks Jane for the great insights. I would like to talk live about a few ideas for written articles to ask the questions to the medical community. I’m a behavioral psychologist that doesn’t do private practice work, but much research and business writing.
My cell is 847 363 9799 if you have time to call some time.

I’m off work today, so tell me a good time to call. I’m on Central time… Nashville, TN.

great. 11 or 12 or 3 chicago time works for me. cell below works. thanks, russ

Here they are:

The Archangel Michael took supreme command. He reassured their minds by his serenity. His countenance, wherein his soul was visible, expressed contempt for danger.

Hey Russ… Could you send me your cell again? The number in your post seems to be going to a flooring guy! The number I have is 847 363 9799.

sorry, i’m a dork. 847 363 9789. russ

I prefer the excuse my brain was deprived of good sleep for decades. I do the best I can.

Of course some flooring guy named Patrick is probably curious who kept calling from TN! I’ll call around 12.