Sleep Debt- How do I repay it!?

Currently, I am researching infant sleep and the repercussions of bad sleep on their development. This research led me to understand the intimate relationship between the Circadian cycle and sleep homeostasis, and the need to maintain a balance between both systems to prevent “sleep debt.” Needless to say with my sleep habits- I owe quite a bit!
As I write my findings, I realize that I am chronobiologically considered a “Night -OWL.” I get an incredible second wind around 11 pm and continue working until 4-6 am. But the quality of my sleep, when I get to sleep, is terrible. Sleep deprivation has a negative effect on sleep homeostatic mechanisms, which affects our Circadian clock. This debt can affect the Circadian phase shift and provoke the onset of inflammatory cascade throughout our body.
Let’s explore this topic if you are worried about being in debt! sleep debt!