Sleep Bruxism: The unknown cause of jaw pain, TMJ pain and broken teeth

Sleep bruxism is a sleep disorder recognized by the World Health Organization as a true sleep disorder much different than awake bruxism (which is a psychological condition). It occurs normally in shallow to moderately deep sleep however it can occur in deep REM sleep in some cases as well. It is characterized by an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension in the neck, EEG activity in the brain (as a sleep arousal or awakening) and intense clenching, grinding or a mix of both. The symptoms include damage to the teeth, dental work, painful notched forming at the gum line (abfraction lesions). Tension/migraine type headaches upon waking are also common.The American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s classification also describes closed locks (inability to open the mouth) on waking, lasting up to a few hours. It is s significant cause of TMJ problems that are resistant to all treatments.

It is present in children at approximately 25% decreasing to approximately 8% in adults. Daytime sleepiness is higher than normal but less than sleep apnea. 80% of sleep bruxism occurs with sleep apnea,

I developed an OSA appliance that is FDA cleared, Health Canada registered, MHRA (European Union) registered and TGA (Australia) registered. July 2016, the FDA cleared the device as the first treatment of sleep bruxism K160477). It can be ordered for any person by their dentist. There are dental labs in Canada and the USA making it and they ship all over the world. It reduces sleep bruxism by over 93% as well as tension/migraine type headaches (by over 92%).

I myself suffer from sleep bruxism and use one of these devices. It has helped my sleep and daytime alertness considerably.

More information can be found at on sleep bruxism and this new treatment,

Dr. Ken Luco

I have talked with Dr Ken Luco for two years and seen his sleep appliances. He told me at the last meeting he is being approved for sleep bruxism. Bravo on you achievement.
This could be a game changer for patients with nocturnal bruxism

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