Sleep apnea surgery

Has anyone had sleep apnea surgery? How severe was the pain during recovery? I’m scheduled for removal of tonsils and UVPP.

I underwent LAUP in 1990.
It was much more painful than I expected and the pain lasted for weeks, not days. I found Popsicles were more effective in relieving pain than anything else!

Unfortunately the surgery left me with a lot of scar tissue (very common I hear) which caused the need for many CPAP pressure increases over the next 3 years. Prior to surgery, my CPAP was set at pressure of 9. Three years later and 3 returns to sleep lab for pressure increases, I had to change from CPAP to Bilevel and settled in at a pressure of 20 where I remain today.

Removing the uvula also removed the natural gag reflex. You might find, like I did, that liquid or food may exit through the nostrils. Eat small bites and slowly and also sip liquids slowly…a little at a time.

I meant to ask you, are you expecting this surgery to cure your sleep apnea?
Were you treating your apnea with CPAP and if so for how long?