Sleep Apnea Mask Prototype Design SURVEY PLEASE TAKE! THANKS!


I am apart of a group of Senior Mechanical Engineering Students at Stevens Institute of Technology.We are designing a new Sleep Apnea Mask prototype that has the potential to change the way Sleep Apnea patients cope with the disorder. The prevalence of Sleep Apnea, combined with the existence of dissatisfaction in comfort and convenience of devices currently on the market provides our team with an opportunity to create a product that successfully mitigates the symptoms of Sleep Apnea while keeping comfort and convenience in mind. With your help and contribution of information, we hope to make a prototype that could potentially lead to a life changing device for Sleep Apnea patients!

If you know others who has Sleep Apnea, PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK!!! Thank you for your participation!

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I just clicked on the link to do the survey and it is no longer available. Was there a deadline to complete the survey? If so, then please edit the original post to say that. Otherwise please extend the ability to complete the survey and let us know when that is done. Thanks!

I apologize!

We did close the survey last week. If you have any personal input feel free to email me at

Thanks for your help!