Sleep Apnea + Daily Sweats


I have severe OSA and use a APAP to control it. I usually manage ok, using it most of the time. I wonder though, if anyone has a similar problem to me? On the days that I do not use it, the next day I will have heavy sweats/feel hot the whole time even when it’s cold and be really irritable because of it. Does anyone else suffer from annoying sweats if they forget/don’t use the machine?

Hello SarahDoh.
Yes have had similar problems as yourself, but what do you mean “on the days I do not use it?”
You should use your Apap on a regular basis, its okay to have the odd night away from it if you feel happy doing that, but if you miss more than that you tend to slide back to when you first start using Apap, you remember that?

Night sweats, irritable, anxious, etc.
Seems to me you are off your machine a lot?

My dear just keep on using your machine as often as you can that’s why we have them, if you don’t you will never get use to it, and remain having the sweats.

Thanks- I’d really like to know about the sweats though; did you get sweats and feel hot and clammy during the day? Like all heat was annoying you?

Not looking for advice on wearing mask, only looking for advice on whether anyone had other symptoms if they missed a day, for whatever reason.

Not getting adequate oxygen at night can reek havoc on all kinds of things, hormones included. Look up the side effects of untreated sleep apnea and you will never go another night without your machine!

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Yes ma’am I do. I relate to your issues and definitely feel for you. I no longer skip use. I’m strapped in every night and as a result my life is improving on so many levels. On the down side this is the first winter in years that I am actually feeling the cold. :slight_smile:

Yes I did have a time when I had the sweats a lot mainly at night and was absolutely drenched by morning, I also woke up very anxious at times and the sweats continued until I calmed down, this was due to the wrong pressure setting on cpap.
I went onto apap like you are now, and the sweats have dropped dramatically, am on the lowest pressure setting of 4, check with your sleep doctor to see if your settings are now right for you on apap.

it will also helped if you prop yourself up in bed, (you maybe putting your chin onto your chest during the night thus blocking your airway and decreasing your oxygen levels, posture during sleep, is important so try and adjust the way you sleep) I have started using a body pillow this again will decrease the sweats.

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Thanks, I’m really looking for advice on sweats, during the day, if you have missed the machine for a night or so and after a night of no or little therapy…

It seems that you guys have never missed a night, ever, and so I think I may be asking in the wrong place.?

I think you may be reading this wrong, I have like many other CPAP/APAP users had day sweats, anxiety, depression etc, all due to missing nights on the machine, it could be that you are suffering from these anxiety issues as above.
For example, if you miss more than 2/3 nights on machine you will go back to square one with your treatment, missing 2/3 nights then going back on the machine for one night will not help you.

You must use your machine every night, then your day sweats will cease,
You may not be using your machine for various reasons that you do not state, like mask leakage, feeling claustrophobia, have trouble with inhaling or exhaling, you are not alone with these issues with none use, it happens a lot, we have all been there at one time or another,

Read again what KimR says and do that if you do not want to listen to what advise I can give you, he also says “HORMONES”, you do not state your age, so I am thinking is this just the menopause?

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Im now 34, I’ve had the daily sweats (if I don’t wear the machine) for 8 years, when I was diagnosed. 3 years ago I was retested (due to losing some weight) and diagnosed with no sleep apnea. When I was first diagnosed 8 years ago, I was diagnosed with severe OSA: and yes, I was tired during the day etc too. But now;

If I don’t wear the machine, the sweats are unbareable. But I don’t feel sleepy…

If I do wear the machine, i have zero sweats, yet my diagnoses says I don’t have OSA anymore?

So confused.

Also, I’ve got no issues with the machine when I do wear it. No leakage, doesn’t bother me, happy enough wearing it.

The fact my second test has came back as a normal AHI bugs me, so I try to not use it to see if I can cope; but the sweaty mess I get into forces me to use it again.

I don’t have anxiety, I don’t have depression, I don’t think I am pre menopausal and I don’t have CFS. Do I just have a weird form of sleep apnea?

I would ask your GP to see if you could stick with the machine (maybe on a lower setting if that’s possible) to see how you go with not having the sweats.
You have done very well in losing the weight which will help a lot to getting you away from having OSA, so maybe your new diagnosis is right, and that there will still be signs of sleep apnea still there.

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