Sleep and Eating

Interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about the relationship between sleep and eating.


Robin, great article to share, thanks!
I am glad to know research is turning to this direction.
Article said sleep deprived people craved salty most often, followed by sweet and starchy.
At age 19 I weighed 118 pounds. This is when my apnea symptoms first appeared, but were unknown to me as I had never heard of sleep apnea. By age 35, when I was finally diagnosed with osa, my weight had soared to 297.

Looking back, between age 19 and 35 I developed cravings for carbs. A sleepy person, I was the grab and go snack or junk food junkie. I would skip meals to sleep, but when up, I made poor food choices, one of which was eating/snacking late at night. A doctor once told me that sleep deprived people crave energy any way they can get it, carbs, sugar, caffeine, nicotine and this is, I’m sure, what contributed to my weight gain.

Years later, when I had gastric bypass, I had to go through psychological counseling and nutrition education as part of the approval process. What I learned was that I developed an eating disorder…NOT ME…binge eating they said. My grab and go. It was hard to admit to. I did lose massive weight after surgery and had no problem breaking the binges of carbs and sweets. I’ve maintained the weight loss. My sleep is under control with bilevel therapy but i still have profoundly severe mixed apnea.

I wonder, if I had not been so severely sleep deprived with untreated sleep apnea for all those years, would I have gained that weight?


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I just read an article on Ambien causing nocturnal activities, including sleep eating.

I know 2 people who have been diagnosed with NES nocturnal eating syndrome - a parasomnia or REM behavior disorder.
Interestingly, both have narcolepsy with cataplexy. They do not take Ambien.
One of them had to have locks put on cupboards and refrigerator so as not to have access during these events.

Hi Robin,
Thanks for giving an article between sleep and eat. I think there is a very close relationship between both of them. Lately, I don’t slept many days and those days I have no interest to eating something more.