Sick, can't sleep, feeling frustrated already....:(

Went to bed a little more than five hours ago and never really slept. Couldn’t get comfortable (coughing & fighting congestion; too hot/cold; mask kept shifting or was uncomfortable, no matter what I did). I’m feeling ery disillusioned by this CPAP/sleep disorder relief thing. Does the miracle moment when everything falls into place ever kick in so I can get the sleep I need, no matter what? Still haven’t called Res Med re: a better mask. Maybe I’ll get to that today in the hope that will improve my situation.

In the meantime, what does someone like myself do in order to stay positive and not give up on this process? I received my CPAP machine a month ago. I was expecting better results than what I’ve gotten sonner than I have.

I hope someone can help me here before I go completely nuts.


CPAPers often try different masks/ sizes before deciding which is best for them. I haven’t experienced a ’ miracle moment ', but suggest that not using the CPAP might lead to some serious health problems. After a month, you are probably getting past the worst adjustment phase.


It is. A pain in the ass. Hang e it. A stroke is a lot worse. In. Am. I swim. Daily. Helps. Get rid. Groggy. Feeling. Both give ya. Oxygen. Key. Peace. G

Rob: I didn’t have that opportunity. The respiratory therapist who made a home visit to teach me how to use the CPAP had only one mask left in her car, and it just happened to be one that was a fit for me according to the measurements she took. I have since found out the FitAir10 mask line includes masks made specifically for women as their facial features are different from those of men. A picture I saw shows a full-face mask that doesn’t go as far up the nose as traditional face masks do, yet it still covers enough of the face to provide nose and mouth with the coverage they need. THIS is what I think I want. Does anybody else who may be reading this have one of these? I want to know what you think about it before I find out how I can
get one.

I found that when I finally gave up trying to get comfortable with it and stopped carrying if everything was perfect, I grew to be comfortable with the whole CPAP thing. IMalso think full masks fit better than the partial...more room for error.
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Dunno any thing about the “fit Air” mask but could you tell me where to look for one?

Res Med site. Talk. Doctor

Great advice, @Rob3

Some people take to CPAP like a duck to water, but they are a minority.

Some ways to stay positive include some self-coaching, but also pragmatism:

  • remember why you are using CPAP
  • understand the greater risks of not using CPAP
  • read everything you can about sleep apnea so you fully understand how it affects the whole body
  • go to an AWAKE group or other sleep support group in your area (if possible) – there are veterans there who can give you so many tips for getting through this transition
  • practice troubleshooting. One piece at a time: Mask first, machine second, tubing third, humidifier fourth. Even seasoned CPAP users sometimes run up against obstacles
  • talk to your doctor and/or machine/mask supplier for insights and support
  • never rule out dysfunctional equipment, have your setup looked at to make sure it’s working properly

I have friends I’ve known since before I became a sleep health educator who struggled at first, but they are now converts and I think you will achieve that as well, as long as you are stubborn about making it work! I wish you the best of luck and please return and let us know how things are going, especially if you learn anything new… this sort of info is what helps everybody win at CPAP!

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Why not march on the mask manufacturers one at a time. Maybe we apnea sufferers could get some relief from their,(The manufacturer’s) out dated, not-so-comfortable equipment. Could be that if the design engineers were to WEAR their resulting product for a year, a big change would materialize.

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