SHould I look for a new doctor?

I moved to North Carolina 4 yrs ago from NY. Should I look for another sleep doctor here? I am still getting my 3 month supplies by mail and have not been contacted by my old doctor or supplier to mail in the little card in my machine. My machine seems to be working fine so should I just leave it alone until I have an issue?

My supply company told me that in order to keep receiving supplies I have to see my sleep doctor at least once per year.

I have not seen my sleep doctor in about 4 years since we moved out of state and I am still receiving my supplies.

Look for another doctor.

As stupid as it may seem, you do have to see the doc.

Careful there! You may need a sleep study after 4yrs.

If you’re paying out of pocket for your sleep supplies, you may not be being required to have a yearly visit with a sleep doctor, but if insurance is paying for your supplies, you are required to do so. In either scenario it seems as if your supplier is being negligent in adhering to the requirements & that should be a red flag that they might not be in the business of looking out for their customers best health, but only care about their profit line. And if your supplies are covered by insurance, someone is dropping the ball on that end, too. If Medicare or Medicaid is paying for your supplies, they would appreciate hearing about this as it could be that the supplier is providing false documentation to the affect that you have been meeting the insurance requirements.

As for “should” you get a new sleep doctor - I would say “Yes!” Irregardless of insurance requirements. Our sleep patterns change over time, as does our air pressure requirements. At a yearly (at least) appointment, your doctor can review your sleep data & pay notice to anything that’s either abnormal or suboptimal, or even previously unrecognized & new problems & make adjustments to your CPAP sleep therapy or even recommend different or adjunct therapy. Also, new therapies, equipment & masks are coming out all the time & it’s an opportunity for you to see if there’s something you might want to try to see if makes a difference in the quality & quantity of your sleep. And, as mentioned above, it might be time to have another sleep study. I wouldn’t put this off to the last minute, but do my research to find out how the various sleep doctors (as well as the office staff) in your area are regarded by their patients by visiting the various online doctor sites, so you’ll know what kind of doctor you’re choosing to monitor your sleep apnea. And, by the way, they’re are different kinds of sleep doctors - some are sleep specialists only, some are also pulmonologists, some are neurologists & like to tackle sleep problems from multiple perspectives & treatments. Do your homework. It will pay off.

Good luck to you.

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