Shortness of Breath After Using CPAP Overnight

I have been on CPAP therapy for over 15 years and have had shortness of breath after I awaken and take CPAP mask off. I then nebulize which of course takes care of the problem. Is this a common occurrence for most folks on CPAP therapy?

I have mentioned this to several doctors and they have said to keep on with the nebulizer. I am currently using the Res Med Air Sense 10 which is 2 years old and the data reports “good compliance”. Thanks for any input.


Hi @Tallgal68

May I ask, please? Have you ever been tested for a respiratory problem? Is the shortness of breath limited to awakening? Do you feel winded upon physical exertion?

Your CPAP therapy seems to be going well. Congrats!!


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Yes, the SOB is mainly limited to “after awakening” on CPAP therapy. I do
have restrictive lung disease but I am on Nebulizer and inhalers as needed
for that. I had lung function tests done 6 weeks ago and the pulmonologist
said I had restrictive lung disease not COPD.

Thank you for asking…


I believe it is and I agree with what the doctors said.

Just my $.02, I have had OSA for 18 year’s, you have enough going on with breathing issue’s. Positive pressure may be working against you, have you looked into a device called Inspire2, it treats OSA in a whole different direction. This gave me my life back.

Hi Tallgal68.

I had been on cpap for 18 months, then over to apap since October last, all the way through my treatment have had mask and pressure problems, and a sleep doctor that would not listen to my complaints, now after finally getting through to the staff at the sleep clinic, and telling them of the great difficulties I am having breathing, they tell me to stop using my cpap altogether and have to go for a to night sleep study and investigation in May.

I AM NOw VERY WORRIED, as t what the cpap has done tto my lungs?
have I cause to be worried, any advise from out there?

I have been to my GP and been on nebulizer had antibiotics, and now an Ventolin ant help will be gratefully received,

Mother T, could you also advise, many thanks.

I believe, from your description of the situation, that the sleep clinic staff wants to see what is going on by performing a study. I would not be concerned that you have damage to the lungs because of the CPAP. It sounds like you have some other things going on, so let the sleep staff and doctors help find a solution to your problems.

Let us hear from you after the study, and thank you for sharing, @badsleeper

Thank you for replying Mother T, will keep you informed.

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hi Mother T.
have had my sleep study but have to wait up to 2 weeks for my results, which I find ridiculous, but thats the way it is here in Ireland, will let you know when I do how it went.

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hi Mother T.
At last have been told by my machine provider, (not the clinic by the way) that there are going to LOWER the pressure on my machine, so am going to have this done today, I just hope that it is going to work for me now, well fingers crossed.

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Let us know! :slight_smile: Hoping you have success!!

Hi Mother T.

Well I got my machine sorted on Wednesday, the machine provider had been instructed to call out and lower my pressure to 6 and for it to stay on 6 all night, which means have gone back to CPAP, and have to start my treatment all over again, which is somewhat annoying.

It has taken over 2 weeks for me to get in contact with my sleep nurse as she was off sick, and here they do not replace staff who are off for what ever reason, anyway I informed them that I would not be able to attend my next fixed appointment due to transport problems, so we chatted about my results, I was told that here in Ireland you have to wait up to a week before the Doctor will read your results, and up to 2 months before he will see you to discuss those results, at least the wonderful nursing staff here had the sense to get the sleep doctor to send someone out to me, if it where not for them I would still be none the wiser.

I have now gone from SOSA, to Mild sleep apnoea, which it fantastic, 11 years ago I was having 40+ apnoeas a hour, now I am told it is 25, maybe that’s due to a bit of weight loss and the fact that have been using the machine for 2 years?

All other levels are normal I am told so I have now to get used to my new regime, am having a little difficulty still with the mask, mainly because I wear dentures during the day, and obviously they are like the stars they come out at night,lol.

So have reverted back to using two (2) soft pillows now and that works well because my mask does NOT move around as it once did, so all in all so far am happy with my new setting.
So all you guys out there who are still struggling with your machines, please do NOT give up, pester your sleep doctor, and if you think you need a new sleep study done then stick with it and get it done, I had to wait 2 years for them to listen to me, but now its been worth it, getting your pressure right is so important, in doing so will help elevate most of the other problems you may be having.

Good luck all and thanks a million - Mother T.