Setting pressure

For automatic CPAP - Why not setting the pressure from 4 to 20 and let the machine doing the work?

Some brands of machines respond faster than others to events. Take my ResMed ASV as an example. I specifically chose it over Respironics because of that faster response.

Say you set your APAP at 4-20, but your sleep data says your machine almost immediately bumps pressure to 9. A ResMed may take less time to get to 9 and take care of the event, but still if you set it at 8 instead, it only needs to jump 1 instead of 5. Reminder, this is just an example.

Here’s my rule of thumb for setting pressure, and this is whatever CPAP type of device and any brand. You first need to see data yourself that tells you what that start pressure ought to be. That low pressure number I believe needs to be at or just below (within 2) your EPAP Median, or in other words very close to the minimum needed as your air splint.

Think of it this way: you’re building a super fast drag car with unlimited money. But you always lose because you inadvertently built the car to be idling too low and your throttle response is too slow to beat your opponent off the line.

Thank you, it makes sense, I agree with you.

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